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A properly function boiler is key to a safe and comfortable home. At Price’s Plumbing we offer a variety of services when it comes to your boiler. From yearly maintenance programs to installation and repair. You can trust Price’s Plumbing to keep you and your family warm whatever old man winter throws at us.




Boiler repairs

Combined with state of the art equipment and trained and certified professionals we can make almost any repairs required to get your boiler back up and running in top performance. So if your boiler leaks, sputters and groans, and your radiators squeak, bang, or knock, make sure you give Price’s Plumbing a ring on the telephone.


Boiler tune ups

Using high tech equipment we can measure and see how your boiler is running. Much like a car, your boiler requires tune ups periodically. A boiler that isn’t running right is wasting fuel and expelling excessive carbon monoxide into the atmosphere.  A full service tune up can help you save money on your energy bill and prevent costly repairs in the future by making sure your equipment is running at its best. Tune ups include*:

  • Cleaning inside and outside of the cabinet
  • Inspect heating jacket for leaks
  • Inspect flue
  • Clean and adjust gas burner and pilot
  • Lubricate fans and motors(if applicable)
  • Inspect thermocouple/thermopile
  • Test and inspect safety and operating controls
  • Inspect wiring
  • Flush boiler of debris
  • Fill boiler with corrosion inhibitor preservative
  • Bleed radiators
  • Inspect piping and valves
  • Adjust auto fill
  • Combustion analyze with print out

Once we are completed we will then inform you of necessary repairs to keep your boiler in peak condition.

*Gas fired boilers only


Boiler Sales and Installation


The pros at Price’s Plumbing have gone through extensive training to ensure you get the right boiler to meet your home heating needs. Whether you’re looking to replace an existing or upgrade to a high efficiency combination boiler and on demand water heater, we have the knowledge to help you get the best boiler to fit your budget. Using only the highest quality brands such as Bosch and Weil McLain, and using only top of the line equipment and materials you can trust the pros at Price’s Plumbing.


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