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Flood Stop


Don’t wake up to a swimming pool in your home caused by a leaking water heater, washing machine or any appliance with a FloodStop automatic water shut off system installed by a one of Price’s Plumbing’s professionals.



Where can a FloodStop be installed?


  • On any water heater of any age
  • Whole house after your main water valve
  • Kitchen faucets
  • Bathroom lavatory faucets
  • Icemakers/Water filters
  • Dishwasher
  • Washing machines


Why have Price’s Plumbing install a FloodStop?


  • Professional installation done right the first time every time
  • Keep your home safe, prevent thousands of dollars in damage
  • Detects even a drop of water and automatically shuts off water to any appliance, or your whole house before it can do serious damage!
  • Audible alarm to alert you that system has been triggered, we can even install an automatic phone dialer to call your cell phone in case of activation.
  • Battery back-up provides reliability during power outages
  • Special discounts when combined with water heater replacement, faucet installation or water main replacement.


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