If you wash your own car, you know how crucial a properly functioning outdoor hose bibb can be. Did you also know that they are also a leading cause of pipe bursts in the winter? All hose bibbs on houses today are required to be “frost free”. This means that the part that shuts the water off is located farther back, inside the house where old man winter can’y get to it.
Most older houses have standard hose bibbs where the pipe leading to the spigot is exposed to below freezing temperatures. This can quickly spell disaster as water expands up to 9% when frozen. Copper and steel water pipes can’t stretch, and if they can’t stretch they burst. A frost free hose bibb can still freeze if improperly installed. Many towns require a frost free to be installed when replacing an outdoor hose bibb.

Trust the pros at Price’s Plumbing to install or replace your hose bibb with a new frost free hose bibb.
You can tell if you have a frost free or non frost free hose by looking at the spigot you have.

This is a normal hose bibb, there are many styles of handles, but all are mostly the same.


This is a typical frost free, notice the handle is not at an angle like the one above, and most frost free also have a vacuum breaker(small cap behind red handle).


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