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Garbage Disposals and Instant Hot Water Dispensers



Garbage Disposals


Garbage disposals make meal prep and clean up a breeze. They help eliminate the need to take plates from the table, to the trash can and then to the sink. Just scrape everything off right into the drain and hit the switch and down the drain it goes.

We proudly install InSinkErator garbage disposals. We will work with you to find the model that will fit your needs and your budget. You can trust the pros at Price’s Plumbing that your new garbage disposal will be installed professionally and correctly. BOOK ONLINE NOW!









Garbage disposal tips



  • Never use drain cleaners in a garbage disposal, they can destroy seals and corrode the metal housing and grinding blades, and the liquids can splash back and cause severe burns to skin or eyes.
  • Do not put bones in a garbage disposal as they can shatter and throw debris out of the sink and wear down the grinding blades.
  • Throw 2 halves of a lemon one at a time into the garbage disposal while it is running it to help clean and eliminate odors.
  • Pour a half cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar, let this mixture fizz up and sit for 5 minutes and and then run the disposal and run hot water to help flush away dirt and build up inside the garbage disposal.
  • If your disposal has stopped running, check on the bottom for a red button. Press this button and try it running it again. If that does not work call Price’s Plumbing for service.
  • If water begins leaking from the bottom of the disposal do not attempt to use it, and shut off the power by unplugging it or turning off the breaker if possible. Put a bowl under it to catch the water and call Price’s Plumbing.










Instant Hot Water Dispensers



Instant hot water dispensers give you piping hot water instantly. No need to bring out the kettle for tea time. Just pull a lever and fill your cup. With a variety of sink mounted taps designs and finishes it’s easy to coordinate with your existing kitchen faucet. With an optional water filtration system, you can also have fresh, cool filtered water as well.
Let the the pros at Price’s Plumbing install a new Instant Hot Water Dispenser. BOOK ONLINE NOW!








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