You don’t think much about your toilet until it isn’t flushing, or worse spilling water all over the floor. Whether your toilet just won’t flush or are looking to update that water waster in the guest bathroom, Price’s Plumbing and it’s crew of skilled technicians have your covered.



A clogged toilet can be a nightmare, especially during family events! Not only does a clogged toilet make a mess and create lots of stress it can also cause a lot of damage! Plunging can come times fix clogs caused by toilet paper, but when little Timmy flushes his toy car you need to get that car out before it can get farther into the sewer creating an even bigger traffic jam. Our professionals know all the right tricks to get your toilet flushing again.


It keeps you up at night, that slight trickle of water, you run and jiggle the handle and stops. You climb back into bed and there it is again the dreaded running toilet. A running toilet can waste hundreds of gallons of water PER DAY and burn holes in your pocket by wasting money. Water is a precious resource and everyone needs to do their part in helping to preserve it. Help preserve our resources by calling the pros at Price’s Plumbing!


Quick quiz, how old is your toilet? Not sure, then it’s probably old enough that it’s burning a hole in your pockets. Toilets manufactured prior to 1994 used 3.5 gallons per flush, with even older toilets using as much as 6 gallons! Also with many old toilets they just don’t have the flushing power to handle today’s new toilet paper. This can lead to not flushing completely and frequent clogging.
New high efficiency toilets save your money and give your piece of mind that what you flush is going to flush. We install toilets that use state of the art flush valve technology, large free flowing trap ways, ergonomic designs, and stylish curves. Price’s Plumbing can install a new toilet to fit your budget and your style.


The average person spends about 3 years using the toilet.
The toilet was invented around 3000 BC, albeit very primitive, most just being a seat over a hole in the ground.
The first flushing toilet was invented in 1596 by John Harington

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