Faucets allow us to to deliver water to where we want it, when we want it, and how we want it. Hot or cold, fast or slow or everything in between they do it all when it comes to letting the water flow. Just like everything else, things wear out. Faucets begin to drip and leak, they become stubborn and the handles may be hard to turn. Faucets are every where, your kitchen, your bathroom, laundry room, and even outside. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Trust the pros at Price’s Plumbing to handle all your faucet needs. BOOK ONLINE NOW!


Bathroom faucets play a crucial role in the daily life of your bathroom, from functionality to style. Bathroom faucets receive a lot of abuse and are usually the first faucet in the house to start leaking. New faucets today help you save money by conserving water through high tech aerators that reduce water usage without sacrificing the rinsing power of water. New water saving aerators can also be installed on your existing faucets as well as part of a repair service. Trust the pros at Price’s Plumbing to repair or replace your faucet. We will work with you to best fit your budget and your style. BOOK ONLINE NOW!


Kitchen faucets are the center piece in your kitchen, your daily kitchen activities revolve around a properly functioning faucet. When your kitchen faucet calls it quits, nobody wants to wash a hed of lettuce in the bathroom sink. Whether you’re looking to repair your existing faucet, or upgrade to a new high arc with pull out sprayer and hands free control, we can do it all. Styles today are available in almost any shape and finish to make any kitchen shine. Trust the pros at Price’s Plumbing to repair or replace your kitchen faucet. We will work with you to best fit your budget and your style. BOOK ONLINE NOW!


Nobody likes to take a cold shower, well maybe some people do, but when your shower or tub isn’t working right it can put a damper on your morning routine. A malfunctioning faucet in your shower or tub can not only be annoying, but also a safety issue. Whether you have a dripping faucet, clogged shower head, or are looking to upgrade from your existing 2 or 3 handle faucet to a modern single handle with temperature safety controls, Price’s Plumbing have the pros with the know how to get your shower or tub back up and running. We will work with you to best fit your style and budget, which ever way you choose. BOOK ONLINE NOW!


If you have a 2 or 3 handle shower valve, it most likely has no way to safely temper the hot water coming out. This can be especially hazardous to young children and the elderly. Burns can happen within seconds at 120 degrees or higher.
New shower heads can improve your shower experience. With multi spray settings, powerful jets, and even lights and colors, they can turn your normal shower experience into a day at the spa.


If you wash your own car, you know how crucial a properly functioning outdoor hose bibb can be. Did you also know that they are also a leading cause of pipe bursts in the winter? All hose bibbs on houses today are required to be “frost free”. This means that the part that shuts the water off is located farther back, inside the house where old man winter can get to it.
Most older houses have standard hose bibbs where the pipe leading to the spigot is exposed to below freezing temperatures. This can quickly spell disaster as water expands up to 9% when frozen. Copper and steel water pipes can’t stretch, and if they can’t stretch they burst. A frost free hose bibb can still freeze if improperly installed. Many towns require a frost free to be installed when replacing an outdoor hose bibb.

Trust the pros at Price’s Plumbing to install or replace your hose bibb with a new frost free hose bibb.
You can tell if you have a frost free or non frost free hose by looking at the spigot you have.
This is a normal hose bibb, there are many styles of handles, but all are mostly the same.
This is a typical frost free, notice the handle is not at an angle like the one above, and most frost free also have a vacuum breaker(small cap behind red handle).

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