We offer high quality, fast and affordable bathroom remodeling. We will work with you and your budget to get you the bathroom you have always dreamed about. In addition to remodeling your existing bathroom, you can now have a bathroom added where a bathroom normally couldn’t exist in your basement. Basements today are more than just a place to store stuff or the home to your heater and other equipment. They are now functional areas of the house, whether a guest bedroom or a home movie theater. With an up-flush bathroom system, a toilet, sink and even a shower can be added to complete your basement experience. With no need to break concrete and run a new sewer line, we can install a fully functional bathroom in as little as a week.
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  • Demolition of existing fixtures, tile, walls, etc and disposal
  • Repair of sub floor if required
  • Replacement of any necessary water lines and drain lines
  • Installation of shower or tub surround and valve
  • Installation of flooring and walls
  • Installation of fixtures and trim
  • And more!

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