A broken water main can cause serious property damage. From foundation problems to soggy lawns. The cost of a broken water main is typically the responsibility of the home owner. At Price’s Plumbing we can help. In less than a day we can replace your main water line from the curb to house starting at $1499. Call today for a free consultation!

Even if your water main isn’t broken, an old water main can be under sized, corroded, and causing pressure and flow issues. If you have issues with losing flow when more than one faucet is running, or have rust and other debris in your water it’s most likely your main water line causing the issue.

Having the experts at Price’s Plumbing install your new water main you can rest assured that your new main will be installed correctly, inspected, protected, and will last a life time.

In most cases a trench machine(first picture shown) will be used to prevent excessive damage to landscaping.

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