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Sump Pumps

Sumps are key to a dry and safe basement

Sump pumps are crucial to to keeping your basement dry and free from mold. They are typically installed in a hole cut in the floor of your basement, these pits can be made from brick, cement, or a plastic liner . Most modern installations of sump systems, there are system of pipes with holes running the perimeter of your foundation to take water that is trying to seep through the floor and walls and direct it into the pit to then be pump outside. The most important part of a properly functioning sump pump is the discharge line. If it discharges it too close to the house or up a hill, water can then run right back into the house causing your pump to run excessively and shorten its life span drastically.




Sump Pumps Installation and Repair


The key to keeping your basement dry is your sump pump. Ranging from 1/3 horsepower and bigger, the right size and power is key to get water out of your basement and far enough away to keep it out. The pros at Price’s Plumbing can install a brand new sump pump system or replace your existing pump.

Included with any sump pump replacement

  • Removal and disposal of existing pump
  • Clean and inspect pit for cracks.
  • Inspect discharge line and make suggestions for any repairs or replacement
  • New check valve
  • New Zoeller or Liberty sump pump

Water powered back up sump pump

If you don’t have a back up sump pump you risk your basement flooding in the event of a power outage. A battery back up system can handle power outages, but most have a maximum of 8 hours on battery back up. Once the battery is drained, the pump no longer works and your basement begins to flood. Battery systems are more budget friendly in the beginning, but can be more costly to maintain as batteries need to be replaced throughout the years, with batteries themselves costing as much as $200.

With a water powered back up system, also called a SumpJet, the pump uses the water pressure provided by your city’s water tower. This provides pumping power no matter how long the power is out. Using as little as 1 gallon to pump up to 4 gallons per minute they can handle almost any amount of water that wants to find it’s way into your basement. This system will not work if you have well water(your well is powered by electricity) and a battery back up system or whole house generator is your best option.

The pros at Price’s Plumbing can quickly and affordably install a water back up sump pump. Call today to schedule your estimate.




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