HVACApril 4, 2022by Matt Price0Do You Know Why a Spring AC Tune-Up Is So Important?

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Spring is here, meaning warmer weather is definitely on its way. When the temperatures rise, a lot of homeowners simply turn on their AC units without scheduling any kind of cleaning, inspection or maintenance checkup. This could end up damaging your unit and making it inefficient, so it could cost you a fair amount of money in the long run if you don’t schedule a spring tune-up today.

Some Important AC Statistics

Heating and cooling currently account for 48% of most homeowners’ overall monthly utility costs. In fact, annual preseason air conditioning tune-ups can improve your AC system’s efficiency while also helping you reduce your energy costs, according to Energy Star. In addition, the buildup from lack of cleaning and properly maintaining your unit could be reducing its efficiency by 5% every year.

Finding any problems now during more bearable New Jersey temperatures is a far cry better than discovering an issue later when the sun is beating down on your home, and you can’t use your AC. Did you know that most homeowners end up spending an average of $165 to $507 to repair their AC units, according to HomeAdvisor.com? So when you compare that to the cost of a service call, a preseason tune-up really sounds like a savvy choice.

An AC unit’s lifespan is completely dependent upon how well it’s maintained. AC systems that are maintained properly should last a good 15 to 20 years, according to the United States Department of Energy. Also, a National Association of Home Builders survey showed that they should usually be lasting about 10 to 15 years.

Are Seasonal Tune-Ups Really Necessary?

Yes, AC systems can always benefit from annual tune-ups. They also decrease your energy use, and that can result in lower energy bills for helping your budget. Tune-ups also help by preventing common AC problems that can prove very costly while also seeming to occur when the weather is at its hottest, making your system work its hardest. You can easily keep your AC unit running a lot longer simply with regular maintenance. Did you know that even simple things like cleaning (or changing) your AC filter quarterly can boost your air conditioner’s efficiency and help it run much longer?

What Does a Tune-up Do for Your AC System?

Getting a tune-up on your AC is actually much like tuning up your car and designed to keep your unit operating at peak efficiency. During your tune-up, our AC technician will thoroughly examine your system from top to bottom, taking care of things like drain flushing and condenser coil cleaning.

What Does an AC Tune-Up Entail?

When you schedule an air conditioning tune-up with Price’s Plumbing Heating & Cooling in Mt. Laurel Township, NJ, one of our qualified HVAC technicians will:

  • Check the condensation lines
  • Check the contacts
  • Check the refrigerant levels
  • Check and calibrate the thermostat
  • Clean or replace the filters
  • Clean the condenser coils
  • Clean and tighten the electrical connections
  • Perform an amp draw on condenser motor, compressor and evaporator motor

Great Prices & More

You can always count on Price’s Plumbing Heating & Cooling for prompt, superior service and affordable pricing. Don’t forget to ask about our spring AC specials and special service agreements for continued AC maintenance at low prices. Also, if you want to save even more, keep checking our website for some great money-saving coupons.

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Contact us in Mt. Laurel Township, NJ for a spring tune-up of your air conditioning system. You can reach us at (856) 325-9719. Our office is located at 3747 Church Road, Suite 104, and our hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. every day, including weekends. You’ll find that scheduling a preseason tune-up for your air conditioner is really easy.

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