DrainageUncategorizedJune 16, 2023by Chris0How to properly plunge a toilet

To properly plunge a toilet, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the plunger: Use a standard cup plunger, which has a rubber cup and a handle. Ensure that the rubber cup is clean and free from any debris or residue.
  2. Add water if necessary: If the water level in the toilet bowl is low, add enough water until it covers the rubber cup of the plunger. This extra water helps create a better seal and improves the plunging action.
  3. Position the plunger: Place the plunger in the toilet bowl, ensuring that the rubber cup completely covers the drain opening at the bottom of the toilet. Make sure there is a good seal between the cup and the toilet bowl surface.
  4. Apply downward pressure: Stand upright and hold the plunger handle firmly with both hands. Begin by pushing down gently, allowing the cup to compress and create suction. Then, push down forcefully and quickly to create a strong suction action.
  5. Plunge vigorously: Use an up-and-down motion with the plunger, maintaining a good seal between the cup and the toilet bowl. The goal is to dislodge the clog or create enough pressure to clear the blockage.
  6. Repeat as needed: Plunge vigorously for about 15-20 seconds, then pause to see if the water starts to drain. If the water level starts to go down, continue plunging until the toilet flushes normally. If not, repeat the process a few more times.
  7. Test the flush: Once you’ve cleared the clog, flush the toilet to ensure proper drainage. If the water drains properly, you’ve successfully cleared the blockage.
  8. Clean up: After completing the plunging process, clean the plunger by rinsing it thoroughly with clean water. Dispose of any waste or debris properly.

If plunging doesn’t resolve the clog or if you’re dealing with a persistent or severe blockage, it may be necessary to use a plumbing snake or contact a professional plumber for assistance.

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