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What to Do If You Have Clogged Drains

According to rough estimates from industry experts, almost half of all U.S. homes have a drainage problem. Thankfully, Price’s Plumbing experts have some handy tips to get your drains back in working order. From under-the-sink traps that catch hair to drain-clearing products that break up grease, here are seven effective ways to unclog your pipes.

1. Use Your Hands to Remove the Clogs

We all know that using your hands to unclog a drain is a great first step, but don’t think you can just reach in and start yanking. If you have a clogged drain, the clog is likely to be stuck somewhere deep inside the pipe. The first thing to do is make sure you’re not trying to remove the clog by pulling on it. Instead, use your hands to feel around and try to locate the source of the obstruction.

2. Use a Plunger and Vinegar

If you’ve got stubborn grime or other debris in your pipes, then plunging them with vinegar or another liquid could be your best bet at unclogging them. Make sure there’s no water in the drain before you begin. Pour any type of vinegar into the drain, and then use the plunger to try to unclog the drain.

3. Use a Drain Opener to Unclog Pipes

If you don’t have access to a plunger, try using a drain opener. This simple tool is available at any hardware store. It’s designed to break up clogs by applying pressure over a long period. Simply place the tool over the drain, and then turn it clockwise until you hear it snap. Remove it from your pipe, and repeat the process as necessary.

4. Use a Pot of Boiling Water

If you’ve got a clogged drain, then it’s likely that the problem is caused by some type of buildup in the pipe. That means that if you simply place a pot of boiling water over the drain and let it sit for about 10 minutes, the heat will loosen the clog up enough for you to remove it easily. The trick here is to make sure there’s no water in your pipes when you do this.

5. Use a Drain Snake

If plunging your sink doesn’t work, try using a drain snake to get rid of stubborn clogs. These are, essentially, flexible tubes that you can use on your sink or bathtub drains, and they’re available at any hardware store. Place one end into your drain, and then wrap the other end around whatever object is blocking it. Twist both ends together until the clog breaks apart and comes out with ease.

6. Use a Drain Plug

If you’re still having trouble unclogging your drain after everything else, you may want to try using a drain plug. These are metal inserts designed to fit into any drain that can be purchased online or at a hardware store. Use pliers to remove the existing plug from your pipe. Slide the new one into place, and then reinsert it.

7. Call a Professional Plumber

If none of these solutions works, you may want to call a professional plumber. These experts are trained to deal with the most difficult clogs and will have no problem removing them in minutes. They’ll also be able to estimate the cost of their services and provide you with a written guarantee that their work will be free of problems.

It’s important to know how to unclog a drain if you want to prevent any future problems. By following these seven steps, you’ll be able to get rid of any clogs that may occur and keep your pipes in good working order for years to come. If you’re not able to unclog the pipes on your own, then contact Price’s Plumbing for professional help. We serve the Gloucester, Camden, and Burlington areas, and our team will be glad to work with you. You can reach us by emailing pricesplumbing@gmail.com or calling (856) 325-9719.

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