PlumberJune 26, 2023by Chris0Is your shower not as strong as it used to be? Your shower head may need to be cleaned!

To remove build-up from a shower head, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare a cleaning solution: In a bowl or container, mix equal parts white vinegar and water. The acidic properties of vinegar help dissolve mineral deposits and build-up on the shower head.
  2. Detach the shower head if possible: If your shower head is detachable or has a removable faceplate, unscrew it from the shower arm. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for removal, if available. If the shower head cannot be detached, you can still clean it using the following steps.
  3. Soak the shower head: Place the shower head or the detached parts into the cleaning solution. Ensure that the build-up is fully submerged in the vinegar and water mixture. Allow it to soak for at least 30 minutes, or longer if the build-up is severe.
  4. Scrub the shower head: After soaking, use a soft brush, an old toothbrush, or a toothpick to gently scrub the surface of the shower head. Pay close attention to the nozzles or spray holes to remove any remaining deposits or debris.
  5. Rinse the shower head: Thoroughly rinse the shower head with water to remove any vinegar residue. Ensure that all the nozzles or spray holes are clear and free from blockages.
  6. Reattach the shower head: If you detached the shower head, reattach it to the shower arm. Hand-tighten the connection to prevent any leaks.
  7. Test the water flow: Turn on the shower and let the water run for a few minutes to flush out any remaining debris or vinegar. Check if the water flow is smooth and the nozzles are clear.

If you have stubborn build-up that doesn’t come off easily, you can try repeating the soaking and scrubbing process or use a toothbrush with firmer bristles. You may also consider using a descaling product specifically designed for removing mineral deposits if vinegar alone doesn’t yield satisfactory results.

Regularly cleaning your shower head helps maintain optimal water flow and prevents clogs caused by build-up.

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