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Plumbing Upgrades That Will Make Your Kitchen More Functional

When you are looking to upgrade the plumbing of your home, the first room that you should start in is your kitchen. There are many kitchen plumbing upgrades that you can do that will help the functionality and the resell value of your kitchen.

Re-Piping Old Water Lines

If you have an older house, the chances are that your plumbing will need to be replaced sooner rather than later. If you experience signs of plumbing issues like discolored water, leaky pipes, or discolored tubes, you should go ahead and have this done. This plumbing upgrade for your kitchen will help to ensure that your water is safe, you have no damage from leaking pipes, and you will not have to worry about re-piping for many years.

Replacing Drain Pipes

Upgrading your drain pipes can help to ensure that you do not have any problems with them for years to come. If you live in an older house, the pipes may have been created with materials that will eventually collapse. For example, older pipes that are made out of cast iron can eventually break down, leaving you with a non-functioning drain system. This can be devastating for your kitchen and will also be an expensive repair.

Adding an Island Sink

Another upgrade that you can do to help improve your kitchen is to add an island sink. An island sink is highly popular, with many people adding them when they do a kitchen remodel. You may think that since you already have a sink, you do not need another one. The truth is that a second sink is great, and if you go to resell your home, potential buyers will love that feature. When there is an additional sink, it allows for more area for food preparation. It also allows for cross-contamination to be prevented.

Adding a Dishwasher or Upgrading an Existing One

If you do not already have a dishwasher, now is the time to add one. A dishwasher can help you to save money on your water bill each month. When you hand wash dishes, it uses gallons of water per minute. When you run a full dishwasher, especially if the dishwasher is energy efficient and water-smart, you will use less water. If you already have a dishwasher, you should consider upgrading to an energy-efficient and water-smart model to help you save money on both your water bill and electric bill.

Garbage Disposal

When you are considering plumbing upgrades, do not forget about the garbage disposal. Garbage disposals are great for removing waste in your kitchen. They have not updated much over the years, but there is an upgrade. You can choose to use a continuous feed model that remains open and uses a wall switch, or you can do a hatch feed. If you choose a hatch feed model, it will require you to put a stopper lid on the opening. The benefit to this model is that it prevents foreign objects like your silverware from going down into the garbage disposal.

Adding a Pot Filler

If you want a luxury plumbing upgrade, you can get a pot filler. This addition to your sink will help you to fill pots easily. The plumber will run a water line to the space above your kitchen stove. Once the water line is put in, there will be a long faucet that you can turn on to fill your pots with water. Pot fillers are very popular in chef-style kitchens as they can help you to fill your pots with ease. This is especially true if you are filling up a very large pot. This luxury item will help to make your life easier and will be a huge selling point if you ever decide to sell.

If you want to do some kitchen upgrades, please call us at Price’s Plumbing. We offer a wide array of plumbing services and can help you to have the kitchen you have always wanted. We proudly serve the Burlington, Gloucester, and Camden, NJ, areas. You can reach us at 856-325-9719 or visit our website for more information on our company.

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