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Choosing Your Next Plumbing Feature Finishes

Researchers from Statista surveyed more than 2,800 homeowners who undertook a bathroom remodel in 2021. Of these, 33% reported that they could no longer stand their old bathroom. Typically, this refers not just to colors but also to the finishes of plumbing fixtures.

Chrome Is Out

Chrome is cheap, which makes it the basic go-to fixture for builders. However, a chrome finish lacks the personalization that today’s homeowners crave. When you visit a friend and see a chrome fixture, you know that this homeowner has not made upgrades to their bathroom.

How to Choose Plumbing Fixture Finishes Like a Pro

The trick to selecting a fixture finish is to envision the way it becomes a part of your interior décor. Aesthetics are encouraging those undertaking the remodeling to look past the bargain-basement pricing and not shy away from higher price tags. There is also the feel of a fixture finish that persuades homeowners to pay a little extra for something they might touch frequently throughout the day.

Start With the Ambiance

There are plenty of options to choose besides chrome. Bronze, for instance, comes in a variety of shades.

  • Oil-rubbed bronze: This bronze finish mimics a wet look. It is fantastic for a Tuscan-style bath where marble and old-world fixtures are the focal points. Its rich coloration creates a perfect focal point or tie-in with other earth tones.
  • Burnt bronze: You would pick a darker shade of bronze for a space with a minimalist appeal. You might have a lot of glass in your space and maybe even caged light fixtures.
  • Distressed bronze: This specialty finish is ideal for a room with a rustic flair. Include traditional style elements in the space and finish the look with a matching light fixture.

Of course, bronze is only one finish. Because chrome has fallen out of favor, nickel is quickly replacing it. Polished nickel is a good choice for a modern setting, while brushed nickel is an ideal default when you plan to combine multiple design styles. Satin brass is another favorite for a bathroom that has a retro look.

If you are including the kitchen in your plumbing fixture makeover, we recommend a closer look at copper. Antique brushed copper looks fantastic in a Spanish-style setting, with decorative touches on the walls that mirror the finish. If you love gold tones but do not favor the yellow hues that brass brings to the table, consider gold-plated fixtures instead.

First-Time Mistakes to Avoid

Some finishes are so boutique that they might only appeal to you. A good example is hammered copper. Another choice could be artificially aged brass. While you might love this look in your bathroom or kitchen, it may lower the resale value of the home because a prospective buyer might not share your taste.

Another mistake to avoid is limiting your choices. While shopping at the big box home improvement stores is quick and easy, specialty stores frequently have the types of finishes you see in the home remodeling magazines or on TV. We recommend taking some time to shop around and not just look at the fixtures you are considering but also touching them for a great impression.

Sometimes, It Helps to Talk Through the Options With a Plumber

Your neighborhood plumber has seen it all: the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. If you are unsure whether a finish is outdated or just right, we can offer our advice. Also, when you are torn between several popular finishes, we can show you how to combine fixtures so that your favorite shines.

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