PlumberAugust 4, 2022by Matt Price0Understanding the Basics of an Expansion Tank

Everything You Need to Know About a Well Expansion Tank

Did you know that your well water system has the potential to get too much pressure? Without a way to regulate the pressure, your system could be damaged. That’s where an expansion tank comes in.

What Is an Expansion Tank?

An expansion tank, also known as a pressure relief tank or pressure tank, is a vital component in any home that uses a well for its water supply. The expansion tank serves two main purposes: It provides a place for water to expand when it’s heated, and it protects the home’s plumbing system from damage caused by too much water pressure.

It’s important to understand that in the modern world, most homes are connected to a central water supply. This means that the water pressure in the home is regulated by the municipality and is typically fairly low. However, homes that rely on a well for their water supply often have much higher water pressure. This is because the pumps that are used to draw water from the well are designed to maintain a certain water pressure.

If there is no way to regulate the water pressure, it could become too high and cause damage to the plumbing system. This is where an expansion tank helps. The expansion tank provides a place for the water to expand when it’s heated, and it also protects the home’s plumbing system from damage caused by too much water pressure.

How Does an Expansion Tank Work?

An expansion tank is typically installed in the attic or other high point in the home. This is because the expansion tank needs to be above the level of the well pump. The expansion tank is connected to the home’s water supply line, and it has a valve that controls the amount of water that can enter the tank.

The expansion tank is filled with air, and as the water in the home heats up, it expands. This increase in volume causes the water to rise in the expansion tank. The air in the expansion tank serves as a cushion, and as the water level rises, the air is compressed. This compression of the air creates pressure that helps regulate the water pressure in the home.

If the water pressure in the home gets too high, the expansion tank can help protect the plumbing system from damage. The expansion tank will absorb some of the excess pressure, and this can help prevent leaks and other damage.

Why Is an Expansion Tank Important?

Besides helping protect your plumbing system, an expansion tank can also help improve the efficiency of your home’s water heater. When the expansion tank is installed, it is typically connected to the cold water line. This means that as the water in the tank expands, it will be cooled by the colder water in the line.

This can help reduce the amount of energy that is needed to heat the water, and it can also help prevent the water heater from overheating.

How Do I Know If I Need an Expansion Tank?

If you have a well, it is highly recommended that you install an expansion tank. This is because the pressure in a well can fluctuate, and it’s important to have a way to regulate the pressure. An expansion tank can help protect your home from damage caused by high water pressure.

If you’re not sure whether you need an expansion tank, you should contact a professional. A qualified contractor will be able to assess your needs and recommend the best solution for your home.

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