FurnaceHVACSeptember 5, 2022by Matt Price0Planning Ahead to Have Your New Heater Installed Makes It Easier

Planning for a Heater Installation Saves Time and Money

Newer heaters are more efficient and can help save plenty of money in the long run, but getting them installed can be a hassle. Before you have your new heater installed, you can take a few steps to help your Mount Laurel Township, NJ, heater installation go smoothly. A little preparation can help save on the time it takes to install your new heater.

1. Have a Pre-Installation Meeting

Your contractor will conduct a pre-installation meeting with you. During this meeting, they will plan their route for getting the new unit in and the old unit out. You can discuss any concerns you have and ask any questions. They might give you a few suggestions to help you better prepare for installation day. Be sure to take notes and follow any instructions.

2. Clear the Area

The most important thing to do when preparing to install a heater is to make sure all paths are clear from furniture and items. If you are having a larger unit installed, you need to make sure there is enough clearance around the doors to get the unit into the space. When you install a heater, you should also clear as much space as possible around the installation area.

3. Be Prepared for the Time Commitment

Installing a new heating system can take anywhere from several hours to a few days. You will need to be there through the entire process, so make appropriate arrangements to be available to answer any questions the crew might have. Sometimes, there might be decisions that you need to make, and the quicker you can answer them, the faster the team can get back to work with the installation process. Keep in mind that a smaller unit in a small house will take less time than installing a unit in a larger home.

4. Contain Pets

Of course you love your pets, and the furnace installers might even love your pets, but they can be a hazard. First off, you will have strangers in your home, and some dogs can be frightened or aggressive. Also, the crew will likely be banging and making a lot of noise. This can scare pets.

Another reason to make sure your pet is contained is that it can get underfoot and cause a tripping risk. It is always best to place them in a crate or carrier while the workers are at the home or drop them off with a friend or family member until the project is done.

5. Prepare to Turn Off the Power

During the installation process, the technicians will need to turn off your electricity, at least for a brief time. You should be prepared to be without power during some part of the installation. This means preparing for any meals or other activities that might require electricity. Also, plan to keep any food safe in coolers or by not opening the refrigerator or freezer door.

6. Close Air Vents

On the day of installation, make sure to close all air vents, unless you are getting new ductwork, too. This will help cut down on dust being transported throughout the home.

7. Make Plans for Children

When you are getting new heating and cooling equipment, children can be curious. Unfortunately, they can disrupt the workflow and be in danger. The team cannot do the best job when they have to look out for little ones. It is a good idea to plan to have an adult supervise children in another room or location. Don’t forget to plan for activities and snacks.

A little forethought and planning can help your new furnace installation go smoothly for both you and our technicians. When you are ready to discuss your new heater in Mount Laurel Township, NJ, contact us, and one of our team members will be happy to get in touch and discuss your needs.

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